We are on a mission to develop concepts that bridge food, tech and sustainability.

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In 2019, we created melon to become the first digital platform for sharing your homemade vegan food with neighbours, colleagues and friends.

We believe that we as humans have the urge to connect with our surroundings and the people around us - our community. That’s what makes us stronger, more resilient and happier.

Food and the ritual of sharing meals is a fundamental aspect of our existence and one of the most important ways that people come together.

It’s time to move this concept of sharing into our digital era in a sustainable, respectful and efficient way.

By that we strive to open the vegan community and break down stereotypes - meal-by-meal.

Photography by Lena Graef/ @portraitfotograefin
melon app profile
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Eine Community, bei der das Teilen im Mittelpunkt steht.

Mit der melon Platform kannst du selbstgekochtes veganes Essen mit Leuten in deiner Umgebung teilen und essen.

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